Walmart Converts US Stores Into Warehouses With Order Picker Robots

 Walmart Converts US Stores Into Warehouses With Order Picker Robots This will speed up the delivery of orders, according to the company. Walmart is converting some of its stores into small, automated online order picking centers. The company does not disclose how much money it will spend on the refurbishment and how long it will take. Instead of an employee who walks through the warehouse and collects the order, the goods will be delivered to the collector by robots. They will move between the cabinets using wheels and bring products that the warehouse worker will collect in the order. According to Tom Ward, vice president of digital operations for the company, dozens of stores will become assembly centers - they will either be completely refurbished or a warehouse will be completed. The company does not name the exact number of stores in which warehouses are equipped. Walmart will supply these centers with frequently purchased items ranging from groceries to electronics. According to

New scam types - Clones of pages of well-known online stores

 Currently, social networks and instant messengers are gaining more and more popularity. Here you can declare yourself, create your own page and place an advertisement for any company that is interested in active development, promotion of its goods or services and, as a result, in making large profits. Online stores, keeping up with the times, create their communities and accounts in popular social networks, thus promoting their business on the Internet. This is especially relevant recently, when, in the context of an epidemic and restrictions on trade, many enterprises have no other way to generate income. This is what scammers use. They register copies of such pages and start bombarding users with spam advertisements about huge discounts that are ending "literally now." People are led to tempting offers, forgetting to be careful. Wanting to quickly purchase the desired (perhaps not very) product as soon as possible, buyers in a hurry make payments to the swindlers' acco

Bitcoin $ 36,000. Application game for learning investment in cryptocurrencies

 Bitcoin $ 36,000. Application game for learning investment in cryptocurrencies The bincap mobile application makes it possible to feel like an investor in cryptocurrencies. You are provided with a simulator of a bitcoin exchange, where you make transactions with virtual money. After installing the application, you are given a starting virtual capital of $ 5,000 + 1 Bitcoin (BTC), and the task is to increase it by successful cryptocurrency exchanges. You can make your first virtual or real deal with bitcoins and cryptocurrencies now! Gamification, streamers and voice assistants - what else can you do in marketing in 2020 Omnichannel marketing increases a company's revenue. The client-company contact is formed at several points: offline ... Android: download link What are the advantages of the simulator? Quick opening - you can make the first deal without registration immediately after installing the application; The required theoretical minimum is presented in the insta-stories for